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Honeymoon Monokini Crochet swimsuit - One piece

Honeymoon Monokini Crochet swimsuit - One piece

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Monokini Crochet one-piece swimsuit, Elegant and delicate swimsuit, that will give your body beauty and charm.

100% Cotton
Halter Swimsuit

Advantages of yarn:
very soft, not prickly;
has healing properties;
keeps its shape well;
retains heat well

Once you place an order, please send me your exact measurements and choose the colour you prefer from the colour palette provided.

Care Instructions:

Avoid contact with suntan lotions and rough surfaces such as concrete or wood.

To launder the suits:

I recommend handwashing the crochet beachwear in lukewarm water using mild detergent (do not use Woolite or any type of bleach!)
Our suits do not do well in the washer or dryer - even on delicate cycles.
To dry: Please do not wring! Lay The crochet beachwear flat.
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