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Sleeveless Cotton Linen Midi Flare Dress

Sleeveless Cotton Linen Midi Flare Dress

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Handmade Flare Cotton Linen Short Sleeve Midi Dress

This Dress is a very comfortable light summer dress

Reasons to Choose Linen fabric
#1 – It’s ultra-hygienic
#2 – It’s anti-static
#3 – It’s antibacterial
#4 – It may help to stimulate healthy blood flow
#5 – It’s very breathable
#6 – It’s eco-friendly
#7 – It’s long-lasting and very durable
#8 – It’s odor-resistant
#9 – It’s great for those with sensitive skin
#10 - It can keep you cool
#11 - It is really easy to clean.

Organic linen uses natural dyes, which are healthier for you and the environment.

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